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Conference Information

The annual Delaware Valley Study Abroad Re-Entry Conference aims to provide college and university students who have recently returned from a study abroad experience with a variety of information.  Developed by a committee of study abroad professionals, the conference will offer sessions on topics including career paths of study abroad participants, volunteer and non-profit opportunities abroad, the fellowship experience, and internationalizing your résumé and interviews. This event is open to any student from a college or university in Philadelphia or Delaware Valley who has studied abroad, in any foreign country, for any length of time.


The event will take place on Friday February 5, 2016 at Temple University's Howard Gittis Student Center (1755 North 13th Street).

Click here to get directions and parking information.


Registration will be open from December 8th - February 3rd for the 2016 Conference. Due to space constraints, on-site registration will not be possible. The registration fee for the event is $10 if you pay in advance using credit/debit card upon registration and $15 if you pay at the door the day of the event.  It includes lunch, registration, sessions and workshops, and conference materials.  Some schools will pay their students' registration fees on their behalf; check with your study abroad office to see if your school is one of them.

Please note that registration is limited to 110 participants.

What to Bring:

You will want to bring a copy of your résumé, a notebook, pen, questions for panelists, stories of your experiences abroad, and a willingness to learn!

What to Wear:

This is a casual event.

2016 Schedule of Events

Eating. Sharing. Learning.

Over lunch, we will engage in activities and discussions geared toward reflection about your time abroad--sharing stories, learning from your peers, discussing strategies for adjusting back to living in the U.S., and exploring how your overseas experiences equip you with a valuable and unique perspective on the world.

Opportunities that Await You

After lunch we will focus on opportunities for you to build upon your study abroad experiences after you graduate. All attendees will attend the following session:

  • Building a Global Career in the US: This session offers insights and concrete advice to students in showcasing the skills that they have gained from study abroad in the job search process. The first part of the session will provide an overview of trends in employment related to the international arena as well as recommendations for including your study abroad experience on your resume.This panel will also showcase people with work that has an international component, but is based in the United States. It is designed to help students to explore career paths that will provide avenues for their international interests. The moderator will ask some prepared questions and there will also be time for questions from the audience.
Additionally conference participants will choose two of the following sessions to attend:
  • Adjusting to Campus Life: This session provides attendees with an opportunity to reflect and discuss their study abroad experience as well as how to deal with reverse culture shock in adjusting to life in the U.S. and back on campus. Session Leaders will help students connect their abroad skills and experiences to their unique roles on campus, and as well as how to remain engaged in global citizenship and learning after their time abroad. The session will conclude with a goal-setting activity.
  • International Volunteering/Working/Teaching English: This session aims to demonstrate to returned study abroad students a number of ways in which you can engage in volunteer work with organizations abroad or non-profits based here in the US as well as opportunities to intern, teach English, and/or work abroad. The panelists are prepared to discuss their experiences abroad and the work that they each do locally that support international efforts. As international volunteer, internship, and work opportunities can be quite varied, so will the experiences shared on this panel; therefore, you are encouraged to ask questions of our knowledgeable panelists.
  • Diving into Fulbright & Funding Additional International Experience: This session is designed to educate students about nationally competitive grant and fellowship opportunities that may be available to them as study abroad alumni.  Fellowship advisors will present an overview of the Fulbright program, as well as other grants and fellowships for which graduating seniors and graduate students can apply to fund post-undergraduate international education or research.  Panelists who have applied for the Fulbright or other grants will discuss their experience and give advice and guidance for students who are interested in applying. There will be time at the end of the session for questions from the audience.
  • Graduate School Opportunities Abroad: This session will help students to explore the possibility of attending graduate school abroad and what that experience actually entails. The panelists will discuss various aspects of this endeavor including differences in approach between US and European schools; the difference between undergraduate study abroad and studying full-time as an international student; what graduate schools abroad are looking for in international applicants and how to better prepare for your application. This is a great session for students who are thinking about returning overseas for graduate school.
  • Travel Writing and Reflection: While some of us may be lucky enough to become travel writers, the reality is that most will have very different life and career paths. That doesn’t mean our travel experiences can’t be useful and important parts of our lives.  In this workshop, students will learn ways to turn their travel experiences into stories and those stories into more than entertainment. They can become tools for personal and professional use. This will be the start of using storytelling as a powerful way to  integrate your foreign experience into the rest of your life.

Photo Contest

Students attending the conference are encouraged to submit one photo from their time abroad for the Conference's Photo Contest. Finalists for the contest will be displayed at the conference and voted upon by attendees. The winner will be announced at the end of the conference. Students interested in submitting a photo, should do so when registering for the conference.